Friend forward “Chelsea” has told about a special place in hell for racists

Leah Monre, the girlfriend of striker Chelsea’s Tammy Abraham, decided to stand up for a player who was subjected to racist abuse on social networks. It is reported by The Sun.

“You, racist scum, just know that hell has a special place reserved for each of you. You should be ashamed,” wrote the girl in the storys his Instagram account but then deleted the post.

21-year-old Englishman of Nigerian descent has received a lot of insults on social networks, including of a racist nature, after the match for the UEFA super Cup with Liverpool. Liverpool won on penalties, Abraham missed a crucial 11-meter.

New season the Premier League kicked off on 9 August. The Rambler media Group, the structure of which is online cinema, Okko, acquired the rights to broadcast matches of the English championship for the next three seasons. Specially crafted videoreaction Okko heads a Sports commentator Vladimir stognienko.


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