How to digest different foods (Now I understand that it is better to eat before bed)

Today many talk about the correct and balanced diet. Unfortunately, a specially selected diet and daily routine is not always possible to comply with. A heavy day at work, the dream trip to a tropical island, it is… intolerable desire to eat anything just before bedtime.

We learned which foods how much time they spend in the stomach. And based on that picked up the dishes that would be most appropriate for different situations.

1. When you have to hold out until lunch

There are times when there is to be a long day at work and not even time for a coffee break. Then you have to take care of the menu for the day, so hunger did not add more problems. You can enjoy Breakfast porridge with milk and something sweet, for example, by adding honey or eating chocolate a bit of sugar. For fans of more “serious” food fit for the fried or scrambled in butter with cheese.

The digestion products:

  • Krupa — 60-80 min.
  • milk — 120 min.
  • med — 60-90 min.
  • chocolate — 120 min.
  • scrambled eggs, omelette — 120-180 min.
  • cottage cheese — 90 min.
  • cheese — 240 to 300 min.

2. When going outdoors or camping

Any trip anywhere involves all sorts of surprise associated with transportation and schedule. And if you are preparing to go to nature, then surprises can be even more. So better is to eat, to enjoy the journey and not think about food, just coming out the door. For this fit the meat and potatoes, fried with mushrooms.

The digestion products:

  • dumplings — 180-210 min.
  • fried potatoes is 180-240 min.
  • mushrooms 300-360 min.

3. When the desire to eat before bed

Probably, each of us was this: stayed up late and seems to be already time to sleep, but suddenly wanted something to eat… And although almost all nutritionists suggest to refrain from the temptation, sometimes you can pamper yourself. But with the mind. Well suited to those products that leave the stomach quickly, maybe even before you go to bed.

The digestion products:

  • broth — 20-40 min.
  • tomato — 30-40 min.
  • cucumber — 30-40 min.
  • kiwi — 20-30 min.
  • a piece of lean fish (e.g. cod) — 30 min.

4. When you need a quick bite to eat

What to eat for Breakfast when you have a hard day or before a trip into nature, we have already considered. But no snacking in such situations almost never do. What can you take with a reserve, to be on the move to eat and to a normal dinner to endure?

The digestion products:

  • halva — 180 min.
  • nuts -180 min.
  • dried fruits — 120 min.
  • yogurt — 120 min.
  • bun — 150-210 min.

5. When practice soon

You scheduled an hour to go to the gym or for a run, but suddenly wanted to eat. Of course, you can force yourself to wait until the end of the workout. However, not all and not always have an iron willpower. So just in case it is necessary to keep in mind than you can eat, to avoid problems during the training or do not cancel.

The digestion products:

  • vegetable and fruit juices for 15-30 min.
  • Apple — 40 min.
  • banana — 45-50 min.

6. When it is very hot in the room / on the street

When hot, usually want a little. But if you had active physical exertion or a whole day without shutting down the brain solved some tasks, the body will require to compensate for spent calories. Here is a list of foods that will satisfy your hunger, but not too load your stomach.

The digestion products:

  • fatty fish (trout, salmon, herring) — 50-80 min.
  • egg boiled — 120-150 min.
  • chicken meat is 90-120 min.
  • cheese — 90 min.
  • low-fat cottage cheese — 90 min.
  • ice cream is 120-150 min.

7. When it is very cold in the room / on the street

When on the street or the room is cold, the body is forced to produce additional heat to keep you warm. It takes a lot of energy, which means you also get hungry faster. In this case, the perfect solution would be high-calorie and dolgoderevenskoye products. For example, fish or meat soup and fried meat.

  • fat — 300-360 min.
  • pork — 210-300 min.

8. When there is a habit something to constantly chew

This habit many of us have. Do we look cinema, read the book or working on the computer, often in parallel, you want something to chew on (and not always chewing gum). The most “harmless” in this case, it will be fruits and vegetables. But with the habit it’s better to fight.

As for the gum, then it is better to use as little as possible. “Empty” chewing hurts us, as it deceives the body, which begins to prepare the meal and produce a digestive juice. Not to mention the other problems associated with the oral cavity and teeth.

  • carrots — 50-60 min.
  • boiled beets — 45-55 min.
  • boiled corn — 40-50 min.
  • grapes — 30 min.
  • peach — 40 min.
  • pineapple — 40-60 min.
  • gum, by the way, is not digested, and the body goes through 12-36 hours.


To make correct diet and pick up a menu, one must know not only the digestion of certain foods, but some of the rules.

  • Ideally, you should try to select a specific eating those foods that remain in the stomach about the same amount of time. So you will not be subjected to additional loading.
  • If you add the oil to salads (even vegetable and even vegetables), it will increase the digestion of food in 2-3 times. The products you receive the shell, which need more time for dissolution.
  • If you carefully chew your food, then this not only speeds up the digestive process, but also facilitate it. Processing enzymes begins in the mouth.
  • Food best consumed in a warm, not cold. Since the micronutrients begin to break down before getting into the body. So, first, the stomach will require less energy for its processing. And secondly, more nutrients will be absorbed and not fall into nederasselt in the intestine that can cause discomfort.
  • But the popular question about whether you can drink while eating, remains open. Someone of the experts claims that liquid can dilute stomach acid and hinder the process of digestion. Others think that water and tea quickly leave the stomach without causing any problems.


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