How to wear Off-White: released a documentary zine-manual on the main street brand

Platform fashion Warehouse Review, which headquarters is located in Amsterdam, presented a zine dedicated to the brand Off-White.

In the publication “People Wearing Off-White™” documented street fashion, made Virgil, Able chief designer for the millennial generation, and the logo with crossed arrows – pervading element of the streets. 2018 became a turning point for Off-White: he has headed a rating of the most popular brands in the world under the version of the Lyst, its Builder, Virgil of Able included in the list of the most influential people of Time magazine and was head of men’s design at Louis Vuitton.

The authors Zina photographed people on the streets and collected pictures on instagram under the tag #peoplewearingoffwhite. Zin talks about how Virgil of Able manage to work in fashion and art how to construct the design language of the brand, has won many fans around the world. The publication also reveals the phenomenon of the popularity of the industrial belt Off-White and how to use it.

Only released 150 copies of Zina, but they can’t buy. Zin can only be obtained through barter – offering the owner something in return.

With Jun 2020 Off-White changed the delivery schedule of collections in stores. When the new brand will be available, can be found here.

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