In China there was a Hyper realistic application for replacement of persons From its features feel a little uncomfortable

Recently in China there was an application Zao, which in seconds are changing the face of video, and very naturalistic. A couple of clicks and anyone can be Jack from “Titanic” or Neo from the Matrix. And although download the app can only residents of China, its enormous possibilities instantly excited not only Asia but the whole world.

We decided to find out why Zao has caused so much unrest and poses a potential danger. And I also want to apologize for photo: screenshots from the video, and we really tried to improve their quality.

The new app did technology replace those available to ordinary citizens, thus improving the quality and reducing the processing time of the video. One of the developers Allan Chi divided Twitter fake video that is striking in its realism.

View a real example of the work of Zao with the movie “Titanic”

No wonder that the app quickly took the leading place in the Chinese App Store. But at the same time began to grow, the number of dissatisfied and opposed to Zao. In the first place because of the user agreement, which gave developers unlimited and irrevocable rights to the images and videos of persons of users. After the scandal, the agreement was amended and the company said it will not store users ‘ biometric data. But the situation is exacerbated by the fact that Zao belongs to Momo — Dating site with the definition of the location and a stream. The public was frightened by the possibility that their data may be transferred and used Momo it with undefined goals. As a result, Zao immediately dropped to 1.9 App Store stars. By the way, the scandal about the user agreement was and with the famous FaceApp that once again reminds us of the need to read everything we agree.

More people worry about the huge potential of such a technology that can be used by attackers. However, in defense of Zao made Henry Adair, head of communications Deeptrace company, which deals with the calculation of fraudsters and cyber criminals. He stated that the application does not pose a threat to the public, since its functionality is limited: it has a built-in library of videos from various movies and clips, and to change a person only on the proposed records. By the conviction of Adera, technology can be a problem only in the case if users will have the ability to impose other individuals to your own videos. Recently in the UK there was an incident in which a man was prosecuted for using similar methods of video processing. With the help of artificial intelligence he created fake pornographic recording, replacing the face of the actress on the face of his colleagues.

Another example of the “Game of thrones”

Potential threat Zao is and face detection. So, popular Chinese online payment system Alipay has already responded and stated that the algorithm for recognition of faces is much harder and more accurately, and crack it with the help of this app impossible. But he added that in extreme cases insurance will cover financial losses of victims. Chinese communication platform WeChat has also confirmed that Zao does not pose a threat to users. The messenger has restricted access to a controversial application, and users can send friends an invitation link.

This is our modern world: sometimes, it’s not clear whether we are watching videos and photos. What do you think, what can result in the development of such technologies and their availability?


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