Kanye West criticized his wife for being too sexy outfits

Him as the father of four children hate to see Kim in a candid images

Kanye West don’t like the dress Kim Kardashian brand Mugler, which she wore on the red carpet Met Gala in may 2019. Recall that the creation of a couture outfit, hindered, according to Kim, the important life functions, took eight months. Opinion Kanye about this dress turned out in the latest episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”.

“Corsets, underwear and the like — I think I already went through it as a rapper and seen enough of these girls, explained the rapper. Then I looked at my wife and thought my girlfriend should be the same, show your body, show it, show lo… I didn’t realize that it took a toll on my mental state the person is married and beloved, father, among other things, four children.”

According to Kanye West, the corset is a kind of underwear, and if so, for whom Kim wears it in public? Kim Kardashian has Kanye responded to the criticism this way: “You made me hot and gave me confidence in myself! And the fact that now you’re in transition and looking for yourself, doesn’t mean I’m removed from it.”

Previously, Kanye West has told how he fell in love with Kim Kardashian. What was more important for a musician — the appearance or qualities of the beloved, can be found in our material.


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