Kim Kardashian spoke about the launch of men’s line Skims

Celebrity want to see your brand at every

Kim Kardashian gave an interview in honor of the opening of offline space Skims in the flagship Nordstrom store in new York. Kim talked about the plans for the future, and they were really ambitious.

The following year, the founder of the brand would like to see Skims everywhere – “I think these products — a necessary thing that everyone needs”.

Kim Kardashian plans to launch a men’s line of products: “I’ve Heard that everyone is talking about the men’s collection. While she’s not at work, but I received so many requests that I deal with this subject.” Also the star mentioned “funny” release on Valentine’s Day. What it will be is still unknown, but perhaps a new capsule associated with a future male ruler.

According to Kim, the next collection Skims planned until mid-2021.

Recall that Skims underwear brand appeared in September 2019. For the first few minutes of the sales it brought in two million dollars.

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