Moncler will receive funding for the sustainable development of the brand

The brand will receive a credit in the amount of 400 million euros

Moncler signed an agreement on granting a loan of 400 million euros to 2023 with the Bank Intesa Sanpaolo.

With the introduction of new technologies in manufacturing, the interest rate of the loan will decline. This approach is designed to promote sustainable development and reduce negative impact on the environment.

“Moncler is constantly striving to integrate new ways and technology for sustainable development in the business model of the company. To date, we have already done a lot, but it is aware that more needs to be done several times more to solve pressing social and environmental problems”, — says General Director Remo Ruffini.

Moncler uses energy exclusively from renewable sources, and by 2021 the company plans to become fully carbon neutral.

As a reminder, Moncler plans to launch a perfume line. More information can be found here.




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