Netizens shared the facts that will make you ask, “How do you know that?”

Agree, the unusual fact, the easier it is imprinted in memory. Reddit users in the thread shared a strange, sometimes creepy, but definitely interesting knowledge, in response to which we can only say: “How and, most importantly, why do you know that?”

We diluted the posts from the thread finds Twitter users and chose the facts that just do not get out of my head.

  • Only about 1.4 % of the uranium atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, splintered, and this means that the bomb exploded around 2 % of its capacity. © Chaosemporerking
  • Many older people use cruise ships as homes for the elderly. Tickets for the monthly boat trips cost about the same as a month of residence in such institutions, but the Board is more conditions for active holidays, food, cleaning and maintenance of the physicians included in the price, and the weather is usually just perfect. © nails_for_breakfast

  • The largest number of children ever born by the same woman is 69. It was in the 1700’s. © manoa99

  • Because frogs have very long tongues, they cannot push the food into the esophagus, as humans do. Why frogs close their eyes when the food is in your mouth, and push her to the throat with the help of eyeballs. © frepima
  • From Ferdinand I of Naples was quite depressing methods of government. He killed all his enemies, even after promises to give Amnesty, and then mummified them and placed in a personal “Museum of mummies”. If the king suspected that someone is preparing a conspiracy against him, he just gave them a tour of the Museum that was creepy, but effective. © Back2Bach
  • Many species of sea cucumbers appeared teeth in the anus to ward off potential residents. © DJRaven123

  • Most cruise ships are equipped with morgues for the passengers died during the trip. © VictorBlimpmuscle
  • Baseball judges are required to wear black underwear in case their shorts tear during games. © DeathSpiral321
  • The same rule applies to flight attendants: according to the instructions lingerie should be black or dark blue. Although to check its performance practically impossible. © StuTim

  • The youngest mother in the world at the time of birth of her child was 5 years old. © SpadesANonymous

  • Rail journey in Ireland is slightly wider than the international standard, but at the same time, the tram system is used. © ElYeetoDorito

  • Before cabbage leaves (e.g., Kale) have become a popular dish and began to be associated with a healthy diet, the biggest consumers of such cabbage leaves was the pizzeria, which used them to decorate Windows with salads, and not for food. © Barbaricplague

  • Butterflies can taste anything with their rear paws. © madame_rebekski
  • Broccoli and cauliflower are created by man. They appeared more than 2,000 years ago by the Italian farmers who crossed different species of wild cabbage. © indigohibiscus

  • When the biochemist George Wald was asked to take the semen sample to a sperm Bank of Nobel prize winners, he said, “If you need sperm, giving birth to the Nobel laureates, you need someone like my father, the tailor-immigrant. That my sperm given the world? The two guitarists.” © kolezev

And you know some unusual and even weird facts that it is impossible to dismiss? Tell us about them!


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