Network users have shared 16 little-known facts that struck their imagination

In the Reddit community Today I Learned (“Today I learned”) of 21 million subscribers who daily share with the rest of the readers unusual information found in the network. From there we first learned that the fruit can cure the body of the mother, and dogs in the process of evolution has developed a pair of special muscles to manipulate people. it was difficult to choose from the many stories, facts and news are the most worthy. But we were able. Read — you will definitely feel strong emotions.

1. Neanderthals were not stooped and bowlegged

The traditional view of Neanderthals as prosimians, which are hobbled, leaning forward — a scientific myth. It arose from the fact that the Neanderthal skeleton which was found in the cave of La Chapelle-AU-sen, the first, was ill with arthritis. This explains his stooped posture and other bone changes. Modern researchers argue that in fact the anatomy of Neanderthals was not much different from our own.

2. Apes never ask questions

Apes have a high intelligence, they can be taught complex actions: recognize words and images, to answer questions, play games and Express requests. Although they can also be taught sign language, scientists have noticed that they never tried to acquire new knowledge, without asking anything of people or other monkeys. Researchers believe that the ability to ask questions is a key difference between man and animals.

3. If the bodies of a pregnant woman is damaged, the child in the womb can pass their stem cells to “fix” them

The process of transfer of cells from the fetus to the mother is called microchimerism. It is proved that these cells can persist and multiply in a woman’s body for decades. Stem cells capable of developing into cells of any organs, and some scientists believe that they help to regenerate injured or diseased tissues in the body of the mother. Known cases of temporary recovery of pregnant women with rheumatoid arthritis, which is considered incurable.

4. After the domestication of dogs have muscles by which they raise eyebrows. This allows them to better manipulate people

33 thousand years ago dogs became loyal companions of man. Since then, around their eyes appeared 2 special muscles, which are not wolves. These muscles lift the eyebrow and make the eyes look more expressive, and the eyes bigger and wider. Scientists claim it helps the dog more effective to make eye contact with the owner, to cause positive emotions and to achieve their goals. And simply: well, looking at the adorable face of your pet, not to treat him with something tasty?

5. Trees can’t live without the wind

Biologists have long could not understand, why are trees growing under the dome in a fully closed ecosystem “Biosphere-2”, because humidity, light and other conditions there were perfect. It turned out that the trees needed wind. If he does not train trunks, swinging them, they become brittle and break under its own weight.

6. For the filming of the movies used in premature infants

In many US States not allowed to participate in the filming of children under the age of 15 days. Therefore, the role performed by newborn premature infants who were of an age, but look like a newborn. Preference is given to twins as it allows you to extend the filming process, without tiring the children.

7. The nuclear tests of the XX century to distinguish counterfeit paintings from originals

The first atomic bomb tested in July 1945, after it was blown up 550 nuclear bombs. Prior to this such radioactive elements cesium-137 and strontium-90 did not exist in nature. Experts use this information to distinguish the fake from the authentic paintings: paintings created after 1945, contain traces of cesium and strontium.

8. In Sweden invented a lottery for drivers who do not exceed speed limit. Winnings paid out of the fines “riders”

The camera on the streets of Stockholm helped not only to detect cases of excessive speed, but also recorded the cars that didn’t break the rules. In the second case, the drivers were automatically included in the lottery prize Fund, which was the money paid in fines. The experiment allowed us to reduce the average speed on the roads by 22 %, from 32 to 25 km/h.

9. The offender stole a SIM card from stork

A group of Polish biologists attached to the back of the white stork a GPS tracker with SIM card, to track the migration of birds. In the Sudan, the tracker was removed, dismantled and removed the SIM card. After that, scientists received a bill for $ 2.7 thousand for international calls.

10. In Nepal bees make psychedelic honey

Not all honey are created equal. Nepalese bees collect pollen from poisonous rhododendron and produce from it the honey toxic, causing hallucinations. Despite the fact that this honey is dangerous to health and may cause temporary paralysis, their making risky Alpine climbing to get it, because the price of “mad honey” on the black market reaches $ 60-80 per pound.

11. People who use profanity, are more honest

Researchers from Stanford University found that people who love strong language, less prone to lies and deception than those who behaved, because curses is often an expression of genuine feelings.

12. Director of Elvis Presley earned badges “I hate Elvis”

His fame Elvis Presley owes much to Colonel Tom Parker. As a Manager, musician, Parker has invested considerable sums in the promotion of his name and produced branded goods and Souvenirs. By 1956 they were sold for $ 22 million, of which the Colonel received 25 %. Parker realized that Elvis did not like, so he had to start selling buttons that say I Hate Elvis (“I hate Elvis”), earning not only on the singer’s fans, but for those who didn’t.

13. The crew of the film “the Sound of music” was forced to go to blackmail the city authorities

The authorities of Salzburg was forbidden to hang out on the streets, Nazi flags for the filming of “the Sound of music”. Then the film Director Robert wise had threatened that, instead, it uses documentary footage, which the inhabitants of the city welcomed Hitler. The authorities surrendered immediately and allowed to hang flags.

14. In the United States is the city where I live “secret millionaires”

During the great depression banker Pat Munroe convinced the inhabitants of the town of Quincy in Florida buy Coca-Cola shares, which are then sold for just $ 40 apiece. The poor farmers and widows he borrowed money for this. Soon the owners of shares have become millionaires, and Quincy this has become one of the richest cities in the United States.

15. Find “Titanic” was a cover for secret mission

Oceanographer Robert Ballard said that in the 1980’s, the U.S. Navy has agreed to Finance the search for “Titanic” because it was a convenient legend for the studies of the two nuclear submarines that sank in the same area. The Navy wanted to know what is happening with the nuclear reactors once they will lie at great depths. Ballard had to make two expeditions, and only the last 12 days he was allowed to pay the search for the “Titanic”. Fortunately, he managed to find.

16. In Florida the illegal fireworks, but they still can be bought, signed an unusual document

By law, Florida residents are not allowed to launch fireworks and there is only one legal way to buy them: you have to sign a statement that they are purchased for agricultural use, to scare away birds from the crops.


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