Nikita the Truck will release a bag with instructions for survival during a mercury retrograde

“This planet Earth is so accepted, endure”

From 8 July to 1 August, a period of mercury retrograde – experts in astrology is associated with this time, apathy, lack of energy and glowed with emotion. Designer Nikita Gruzovik known bright Fanny packs, releases a new collaboration with Telegram-channel “mercury Retrograde”.

The joint collection will include accessories in 4 designs with one of the 18 recommendations in the survival, struggle, newnewnew or anywayy. “Humble yourself and lie down”, “we Need to try to strain and to recover”, “Help is not coming”, “This planet Earth is so accepted, suffering” and other tips will be written on the bags.

The first drop can be purchased on 6 July from 12 to 18 at the Gogol center, and Monday things will appear on the website.

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Nikita gruzovik


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