People spoke about the 19 random facts that once and forever changed their view of the world

We discover something new every day, so why not tell you about my findings to others? On the website Reddit in a separate community users post random facts, knowing that they saw something familiar in a new light. For example, have you ever heard about why the fish do the massage, why tea and beer consider natural GMOs and why in Iceland on Thursdays disconnected television broadcasting until 1987? walked by the most unexpected discoveries that will expand the horizons of your knowledge.

Caviar will cost 70% less if the fish massage

To develop a method of withdrawal of eggs from fish that saves her life and brings suffering, the German scientist went 9 years. The whole process is constructed as follows: for the state of the fish at a certain period of readiness to spawn, followed by ultrasound, then change the diet and give special proteins, and at the right time make a special massage, helping her to safely lay eggs. Due to this, the same fish can spawn every 15 months. The technology worked on the family is tested on sturgeon and salmon.

For the evacuation of children from besieged Leningrad parents had to pay dearly

The cost of evacuating children from the besieged Leningrad and their continued provision of lay on the shoulders of parents. For each family had its own price. For example, if the child had to ₽ 50 of the total earnings of the family, the 1 month evacuation cost for him ₽ 25. Even if one of the parents at this point were at the front.

Adidas is not cooperating with Scientology. Even if they are very famous and rich

The company refuses to sponsor people who can their image harm the reputation of the brand, therefore, does not enter into contracts with those who are interested in Scientology, or something to do with other cults.

Large sweet strawberries gave us the bird droppings

Large sweet strawberries, which pleases us markets in the summer, the result not of scientific experiments, and the spread of avian droppings.

About 300 years ago a French spy went to Chile. During the trip he drew attention to the very large strawberries. In Europe the berries were small, no more strawberries. The Frenchman decided to make a gift to Louis XIV and brought a few bushes of your favorite berries of the king. But here’s the thing: he chose the male plants do not bear fruit, and strawberry other species to cross them was impossible.

Fortunately, after half a century, farmers noticed a similarity between this strawberry shortcake and other species brought from North America. Placing them side by side, they received the rich harvest of large, sweet berries, and the resulting hybrid turned out to be capable of self-pollination. Later, scientists found that this species already existed on Earth, but spread across the two American continents through bird droppings and eventually evolved into 2 different species.

Bacteria create GM foods that we are accustomed to consider natural

In the genome of plants can get the genes of another organism thanks to a special group of bacteria. As a result, GM plants created by nature, scientists believe tobacco, sweet potatoes, peanuts, cranberries, hops and even tea.

Bees dealt harshly with people who eat bananas

Fruit contains chemical compound, the smell of which strongly excites the bees, making them aggressive and turns the banana and the person who eats the target to be destroyed.

The CIA figured the Russians in Cuba at the soccer fields. The Cubans themselves this sport prefer baseball

In 1962, the CIA consultant was puzzled when I saw a football field on the coast of Cuba, noting that Cubans play baseball, but Russians prefer football. The presence of soccer fields CIA analyst even identified a possible location of a Soviet military base. But Kennedy demanded a preponderance of the evidence, therefore, gave the nod to the flights of U-2 aircraft over Cuba. The result was obtained the photos, marked the beginning of the Cuban missile crisis.

During velociraptors Saturn had no rings. In the future they disappear again

The rings of Saturn is a temporary phenomenon. They appeared not so long ago, and their period of existence is limited — only 200 million years, so our descendants can’t catch this phenomenon.

In Iceland turned off the TV on Thursdays so that people communicate more. Locals joke that many conceived in these days

Until 1987 on Thursdays in Iceland was turned off television broadcasting. The idea was that people should dedicate this day to communicate with friends and family. Therefore, many Icelanders born before 1987, a joke that was conceived in one of Thursday.

Stem cells of the fetus remain in the mother’s body even after childbirth, helping to heal and rejuvenate the body

Embryonic stem cells of the fetus are able to migrate through the placenta and remain in the mother’s body for many years. On the one hand, they help female body, migrating to damaged tissues and organs, accelerating the healing process or recovery. On the other, because they increase the likelihood of developing cancer and autoimmune diseases.

The pig is the only animal that plunged into the fleeing army of war elephants

Since ancient times, wild boar was considered to be war animals. According to legend, Alexander the great used them as a secret weapon against the army of the Punjab Raja’s Time, the basis of which were numerous elephants. To get the elephant in the panic to escape back, into their own army, just a pig shriek. This same trick helped to defeat the army of Antigonus II Gonata, but only as long as the cunning king of Macedonia began to contain elephants with pigs so that the giants used to squeal.

The us military uses the controllers from the Xbox video game console to control the submarines

Initially, to control the periscope submarines used a joystick that cost the U.S. Navy $ 38,000 apiece. But after a military survey revealed that it’s too heavy and awkward to work. The engineers quickly solved the problem by replacing it with a normal controller to the Xbox, which costs less than $ 30.

The prettier knight, the more chances he has to survive

Of course, only noble warriors could afford light, beautiful and durable armor, which closed their bodies. But that’s not what saved their lives. The enemy was more profitable not to kill, but to capture a man in expensive armor and to wait for his family will offer good dowry.

In American hospitals still use pagers

Employees of the majority of American hospitals still use pagers. The fact that the walls of hospitals to block x-ray radiation, but with it the mobile signal, so the usual cell phones work there are bad.

Princes William and Harry recorded a humorous message on the answering machine Queen. History is silent, how many people had heard him while the prank did not disclose

Helping the Queen to learn new technologies, princes William and Harry recorded her answering machine this message: “hi, this is Liz! I’m sorry, but I’m not on the throne. Philip to call the hotline, press 1. To hear Charles, press 2. To connect with corgis press 3.” The prank was a success: the personal Secretary of the Queen almost fell off his chair, accidentally hearing it, and Elizabeth appreciated the joke, imagining the reaction of all those who happened by chance to call at this point.

In the United States use salt brine from beneath the cheese to protect the road from icing

Wisconsin (USA) is testing on its roads a new means of ice: brine produced in the manufacture of cheese, mixed with a little routine of salt. It is noted that this mix does an excellent job with black ice even at temperatures of -30 °C.

Tokyo is building a new house out of garbage

In the capital of Japan combustible waste is burned, due to the cleaning system into the atmosphere does not get harmful gases and smoke, and the ash is used in construction mixtures.

Diamond can be obtained from peanut butter

In its study of the processes occurring in the lower mantle of the Earth, a scientist using carbon dioxide, high pressure and peanut oil have created diamonds. But the precious stones were so long that hardly ever will become a daily practice.

Spongebob invented a scientist, so you can use it to teach students marine biology

Marine biologist Stephen Hillenburg has created a comic book about sea creatures, using them more fun and effective to teach their students. Later, becoming a multiplier, on the basis of these characters he invented the animated series “spongebob Squarepants”.

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