Plastic dishes banned in the European Union

The European Parliament supported a total ban of plastic utensils and other disposable pieces of plastic on the whole territory of the EU, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the legislature’s website.

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According to the report, disposable plastic tableware is about 70 percent of marine debris.

The ban will take effect in 2021. On the territory of the European Union have completely banned the use of plastic utensils, sticks for balloons, tubes for drinks and ear sticks.

In addition, by 2025 it is planned to reduce the use of a number of other pieces of plastic, which at the moment there is no alternative: containers for food and vegetables for their lunch boxes.

Also, by this time it is planned to recycle about 90 percent of the plastic bottles.

By 2025, it is also planned to halve the use of plastic in cigarette filters. By 2030, this figure should be reduced by 80 percent

As noted in the report of the European Commission, plastic accounts for about 80 percent of all marine debris.


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