Post from the series “How it’s made” for those who want to know a little bit more

Science documentary TV program “How it works” (How It’s Made) aired on the Discovery channel for almost 18 years. During this time she gained a huge army of fans, and if you consider yourself to him, you will be interested to know and see how, for example, are created birdies and washcloths for bathing or how the sheep are sheared. show how are the seemingly simple things that we use every day.

So cut the finished printed products

So passed coil spring on notebooks / notepads

So cut round glass

So dolls sewed hair

So gather the tea leaves

So the Lacoste logo embroidered

So make pasta

Automatic painting curbs

So create decorative elements on buildings

And such a simple way to make washcloths for bathing

So made pots and huge pots

So cause STOP message

So are axes

So patterns are printed on textiles

So produce birdies

The painstaking process of creating sculptures from a single piece of marble

Have you ever seen how they shear the sheep?


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