Rebag launched a free online encyclopedia on designer handbags

Expert the subtleties and novelties of the world of accessories

Platform for the resale of branded bags Rebag presented the project of The Vault on the history and expertise of designer accessories.

At the request of the founder of Rebag of Charles Garry, market the reseyl usually very little information in the public domain: “Companies do not share data, and brands don’t extend their products, their true cost, it is difficult to assess what was in the wardrobe.” The project aims to share knowledge and collect data available for the buyers.

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Publication of Rebag (@rebagofficial) 10 Jul 2020 12:14 PDT

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Publication of Rebag (@rebagofficial) 19 Jul 2020 4:01 PDT

Available at the website of the first article about models Hermès Birkin, Chanel Classic Flap, as well as the history of the brands Louis Vuitton and Gucci, told through their accessories. For example, in the article about the legendary Birkin bag, you can learn how the model, why it became popular and what types exist.

Later the website will appear the biographies of the designers, tips on care accessories, articles-reasoning and runway collection.

Recall that on the website Rebag, you can use the service of Clair, which estimates the cost of luxury accessories. What other platforms can be trusted in the resale of branded items, we are told here.




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