Ronaldinho has scored five goals in the final prison of the tournament

Photo: Twitter account of Santiago Ravidas

Former midfielder of “Barcelona” and Brazilian national team took part in prison football tournament and helped his team to win in the final. It is reported by the journalist Santiago Ravidas in Twitter account.

In the final match, the team is 39-year-old Ronaldinho scored a victory with the score 11:2. He was involved in every scoring team. On account of the footballer five goals and six assists. Earlier it was reported that the main prize of the tournament is a 16-pound pig.

That in Paraguayan jail, where the Brazilian and his brother, a football tournament, it became known on March 10. Then the management companies claimed that Ronaldinho plays the role of guest of honor. It was emphasized that the organization of the competition is not associated with the arrival of the Brazilian in prison — the tournament is held regularly.

Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto arrived in the country on 4 March. Brazilians arrested after a search of the hotel room, where police found a fake Paraguayan passports in the name of the ex-player of Catalan “Barcelona” and his brother. Ronaldinho could be detained for up to six months.


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