Scientists have found that the time of year that you were born affects your health and character

People have long wanted to believe in something magical, so turned to fortune-tellers, astrologers and shamans. Although scientists have long proved that the predictions by the stars are not working, we are still curious how date of birth affects our personality. It turns out that such influence is, however, the stars and magic is neither here nor there. against anti-science movements like astrology or numerology. However, a series of scientific studies confirms that season of birth has an impact on nature and human health.

As we become willing to believe in horoscopes and why this can not be done

People like to think they are unique. A birthday is something that distinguishes us a little from the crowd. Psychologists call this feature of the human brain with positive illusion, or the illusion of uniqueness. However, we are pleased to meet someone as special as ourselves. Therefore, people tend to unite in groups on zodiac signs or birthdays.

In the early twentieth century it became a popular theory of astrological twins: the idea of its authors, the people who were born in the same day, should have similar traits or even appearance.

Serious scientists the word “astrology” curve, like from a lemon. However, in 1958, began a large-scale experiment: for many years, psychologists have studied groups of people born in the same day. And… not found almost no hits. Date of birth does not make us similar to each other. Quite another matter is the time of year in which you were born.

Research began with a study of schizophrenia

Once scientists noticed that people suffering from schizophrenia are born in January, February and March. The same situation with bipolar disorder: winter and spring birthdays the best chance to get this disease. And then men of science thought, why not find out how our date of birth affects the destiny and character.

First biochemists in the habit began of mice and proved that offspring born in the winter, when sunlight is almost there, is a less active and have poor dietary habits (overeating or chewing everything that comes in feet). In addition, the gene that regulates circadian rhythms, winter mice worked worse than the summer. Inspired by the results, the scientists took people.

According to these researchers, your personality and predisposition to disease largely depend on what time of year you were born. It’s all in the hormones that our body produces.

In the human brain there are neurotransmitters — special substances that transmit nerve impulses. Among them, the serotonin — “happiness hormone”. If you were born in the winter, early spring or autumn, then happiness you will be forever small. At least from a biochemical point of view. And it affects the life and health is much stronger than we think.

For convenience we have divided all the research scientists for 4 seasons: winter, spring, summer, autumn. Try to compare the results of studies with its own character.

Winter (22 December — 20 March)

  • The tendency to seasonal affective disorder (sad). Due to low levels of dopamine and serotonin in winter, you want to wrap in a blanket, lying on the couch and drink hot cocoa. Psychologists say that the tendency towards seasonal depression is inherited. If the mother during pregnancy experienced symptoms of SAR (drowsiness, depression, decreased muscle tone), and the child can inherit.
  • Predisposition to excess weight. Professor Phillips found that men born in winter, are prone to obesity. In women, by the way, doesn’t have this feature. According to the theory, exposure to low temperatures at the beginning of life the body adjusts to the accumulation of adipose tissue.
  • The low level of conformity (compliance). Winter-spring birthdays are less dependent on the opinions of others.
  • Phlegmatic temperament. People who were born in the winter, usually quiet, thorough and not prone to mood swings.

Spring (March 21 — June 21)

  • The susceptibility of schizophrenia. People born in the spring, the risk of becoming schizophrenic is higher by 11% than all the rest. Scientists believe that the blame viruses: winter and spring to get sick easier. And disease a pregnant woman may affect the fetus and cause susceptibility to mental illnesses. Thus, according to one theory, schizophrenia is correlated with Coxsackie virus.
  • Characteristics of growth. Austrian anthropologist has carried out a large comparative study and found a curious pattern: the highest people are born in April, and the most stunted in October. And again to blame the hormones: melatonin, which is produced under the influence of sunlight affects the growth hormones.
  • Do better in school. Children who are born in the spring and early summer, faster learning to read and count. So I think the American scientists.
  • The risk to get multiple sclerosis (MS) above. Of course, the disease will not occur simply due to the fact that you were born in the spring. However, the highest percentage of MS patients is observed among these people.
  • The ability to control anger. Japanese scientists conducted a study among children and found that the spring birthdays are more quiet and peaceful.

Summer (22 June — 22 September)

  • Among them there are more left-handers. 40% of all lefties are born in the period from March to July. Scientists don’t know why this is happening.
  • More likely to be owls. People who were born in the summer, I go to bed later and sleep spend less time. Our internal clock is set from an early age, and in the summer the sun shines longer and the habit of not sleeping is for life.
  • They are confident and happy. According to the survey, people who were born in the summer, more optimistic and consider yourself lucky.
  • The risk of diabetes of the 1st type. A Swedish research has confirmed that children born in August, more likely to develop this autoimmune disease. But American scientists do not agree with their colleagues. Who to believe? The best tactic is to lead a healthy lifestyle, not to worry and not to make research scientists too much to heart.

Autumn (September 23 — December 21)

  • Centenarians. If you were born in autumn, the probability to break all records of longevity in you above.
  • Food Allergy. But the probability of getting any allergic reaction in people born in the autumn, is also higher. Perhaps it is due to vitamin D deficiency in infancy.
  • The lowest level of depression. Scientists still have not figured out how it works. Perhaps the reason is that in the later stages of pregnancy the mother autumn birthday eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and thus receives the necessary vitamins. In addition to the waves of viral diseases is still far and negative effects on the fruit below. But those born from September to December, almost depressed and less likely to suffer bipolar affective disorder.


The research data is not a sentence. Do not forget that your health and character is influenced by many factors: genetics, upbringing, environment and lots of things that are still unknown to science. In addition, different climatic zones, the results of studies may vary.

And you have matched the characteristics that scientists have identified?


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