Six contemporary artists participated in the art project by Vivienne Westwood

Participants in the initiative #ViviennesCreatives rethink the values of British designer

Designer Vivienne Westwood has launched a new art-initiative #ViviennesCreatives, in which six contemporary artists and activists presented their vision of the collection Vivienne Westwood autumn-winter 2018 and values for which it stands. The project was joined by actress, model and photographer Emma Breach, designer Joe Sweeney, Digi Josh Quinton, model and artist Carolyn eagle, photographers Johan Memory and jesús Diaz.


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Sweeney took off for the brand a series of short lifestyle clips, irony over the society of consumption, Gap released shooting “Kissing Booth”, which is dedicated to love as the only force to unite people against the background of a British exit from the European Union and presidency of Donald trump in the United States. Diaz also presented a project under nazvaniem “What a mystery! Where is the lost jewel?!”, inspired by surrealism, punk and the London attractions. You can see them on instagram by Vivienne Westwood. The works of other authors will be presented later. It is already known that the theme of the project, Carolyn will become conscious consumption and the motto “Buy less, choose well, make it last”.

Previously, Westwood has released a video about her new spring-summer collection. The basis for him to become the art and philosophy of China.


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