Swatch introduced a new collaboration with street art-artist Andrew Berger

He developed for the brand are two pattern that can be applied on the watch

Brand Swatch continued its global project Swatch x You collaboration c Barnaul, street art-artist Andrew Berger. His work can be found in the collection of the State Museum of architecture named after Shusev, he also collaborates with the Moscow gallery “Triumph”.

“When I was offered a part in this project, I thought, how great that now every fan of the brand, using the work of artists, will be able to create your own design object. This object will be with him daily, will be part of his style and lifestyle. It seemed to me a very interesting idea about the interaction with the clock dial, after a period of time consonant with the current graphical elements that I carefully “grown” on the surface of the canvas and the walls when I work on their projects,” — said Berger.

For Swatch Andrew has created two patterns dedicated to the opposition of “living” the painter and modern technology. The resulting patterns can be applied to watch bands in the pop-up space x Swatch You in Gum. Earlier it was presented by patterns from Japanese artists.



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