Teen tied to a pole and doused with yogurt: parents will be punished in Aktau

In Aktau parents of students, which unusual way have decided to congratulate their classmate, tied him to a pole and pouring the yogurt, will be punished, reports “Lada”.

Illustrative photo: Mail.Ru

As told in the juvenile police, the parents of the pupils, who tied his friend with duct tape to a pole, face a fine from 36 to 75 thousand tenge.

They will be held accountable for the neglect of education. The case materials have been sent to the Commission for the protection of children’s rights under the city akimat.

Meanwhile, the school management again explained that the children wanted to surprise his friend. The child will agree.

The school added that complaints from parents have been received, no one had any claims to each other.

However, published online video, “original” congratulations on the day of birth caused a strong public resonance. That’s why parents will be punished.


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