That really means “big-boned” and why some people get better looking at the cake

Many people who suffer from excess weight, the blame for unwanted pounds of its broad (or heavy) bone. Allegedly, the completeness is inherited and fight with genetics is useless. It’s time to finally see if the phrase “I have a bone broad” a good enough excuse for bulging tummy and cellulite.

Us in AdMe.EN was wondering if there were actually big-boned and how to determine your body type.

What is the heavy bone and what is the weight of our skeleton?

Nutritionists say that, if they were given a dollar every time they hear the phrase “I’m not, I’m just big-boned / heavy”, they would have become rich. It’s quite an old bike, but in medicine there is no term “big bones”, and here’s why.

The human body consists of 209 bones: the tibia from the biggest to smallest stremennaya the size of a grain of rice. However, our skeleton weighs surprisingly little — 2-4 kg in women and 4-5 kg in men. The weight of the skeleton depends on age, race, height and lifestyle and on average 6% of the total body mass. The rest is muscle, fat and water.

For example, a person weighing 120 kg bears 46 kg fat with a weight of 4,2 kg. bones Have muscular 80-pound athlete’s skeleton weighs some 400 g less. Doctors say that to blame the heavy bone in your excess weight incorrectly, like obesity are quite different reasons that do not depend on the skeleton.

However, in people with extreme obesity do bones get heavier. The body has to adapt to the extra weight: it increases bone mass that the person didn’t break the arms and legs. However, this increase is negligible — 300-500 grams, which weighs more than a hundred pounds is generally imperceptible. So hard the bone is not the cause but the consequence of obesity.

Conclusion: people with severe bone does not happen in patients with obesity and the athletes skeleton weighs about the same.

Why 2 people with the same weight look different: one tall and slim, the other a bulging belly?

Physiologists say that the growth of the Constitution inherited from parents and grandparents: height, chest circumference and leg length we give to the ancestors, and nothing can be done. But the Constitution and body type are two different things.

The second may change throughout life: we lose weight, get better, swing the muscles or, conversely, grow to the couch, and the state of the body changes. But with age, most people do become more — to 70 years, the volume of your hips will increase by 2.5 cm.

Long ago, scientists divided all the people into 3 types: asteniki (tall and thin), normostenik (average) and gipersteniki (holders wide backbone).

Good news: extensive bone exists, and those who can not lose weight, there is justification. The bad news: these wide giperstenikov small — only 15 %, and most of us are ordinary people with an average body type who are too lazy to go to the gym.

To find out your Constitution type, you can measure your wrist using tape measure. Measure at the place where is usually a watch band — are almost never fat. To decipher the results will help our mini-table.

Measurements can be carried out without roulette — grasp the wrist with thumb and forefinger from the opposite hand. If one finger covers the other you have a narrow bone structure. Fingers barely touching each other, body type average, well if the fingers were short range, you have big bones.

You might have ended up in those same 15 % of people with a broad backbone, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up. Nutritionists say that gipersteniki never become the owner of narrow hips like Claudia Schiffer, but it depends only on how much fat on the hips.

Conclusion: people with large bone structure — a reality. Psychologists believe that gipersteniki prone to stress-related eating, have developed body fat and shed excess labour. However, that is no reason to rush to extremes and eat at night dumplings with mayonnaise. You remember that the Constitution can be changed?

Bone mass can be lost, only this is a bad sign

In order to completely deal with the extra weight and bones, you need to remember that the concept of heavy bone in medicine, but there is the term “bone density”. Due to age, improper diet and sedentary lifestyle our bones grow thin and there is nothing good of them washed out important minerals. About your skeleton need to take care of as well as about the figure in General: sports, watch your weight and eat foods rich in calcium.

Warning: to determine bone density and bone mass need to go to the doctor and get tested.

In your environment there are people who to the accompaniment of chips crunching complain of widespread bone? Let them read our article?


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