The Porsche Cayenne was taken from the owners for nonpayment of taxes in Astana

Two capital of the owner of a luxurious Porsche Cayenne recently lost their cars due to the fact that I didn’t want to pay the tax, reports NUR.KZ with reference to the press service of the Department of state revenue of Astana city.

Photo: DSR Astana

Two vehicles were taken from their rightful owners and placed in the impound for the fact that both car owners are in arrears on payment of taxes.

One of the men owed the state 1.7 million tenge, and second – 912 thousand tenge. Thus, the total debt amounts to 2.6 million tenge.

Photo: DSR Astana

The staff of the parliamentary friendship group Astana in the framework of operational preventive measures “Brisker-2018” were forced forced to drive to impound vehicles whose owners violate the law.

Motorists were offered the option that could save their vehicles – to repay the amount of the tax debt.

Photo: DSR Astana

However, both the debtor motorist decided to part with their cars.

The room to the impound lot is a temporary punishment. Malicious defaulters have the opportunity to get your Porsche, paying off all tax debt.


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