The scientists said, from which men make the best fathers

The birth of a baby is stressful for both parents. But scientists have found that after childbirth the woman’s body actively produces hormones that generate the same affection and warm relationship between mother and child in the first years of life. With fathers it is more complicated. Therefore, the American scientists decided to find whether the hormones on young fathers and what biologically active substances make a man more caring towards their offspring. studied the results of the study and is willing to share them with you.

How the study was conducted

Scientists from the University of Notre Dame in the United States conducted a study among 298 men. Some of them have become fathers for the first time, others already had several children.

The essence of the research was to ensure that each of the subjects took at the hands of her child after his birth. The scientists measured cortisol levels and testosterone men before and after they took the babies in his arms.

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone, which regulates the development of sexual characteristics and sexual behavior, plays an important role in metabolism, is responsible for the formation of the muscular and skeletal system. The scientists measured the level of this hormone, as it decreases the effect of cortisol on the body. In addition to this, reduced level of testosterone leads to more emotionality in men.

Cortisol is a hormone that regulates carbohydrate metabolism and participates in the development of stress reactions. It is produced in a variety of situations, but most often during strenuous exercise and strong emotions. The scientists measured the level of this hormone to realize how much stress causes the birth of a child and how it affects the attachment of the father to the baby.

Part of the research was the survey, which was conducted after 2 and 4 months after birth. As a man talked about to what extent they are involved in the upbringing of his child.


The researchers found that in most cases the level of cortisol in the blood of the fathers before they took at the hands of the baby was high. But after contact with the child it is either decreased or increased.

Scientists came to the conclusion that men whose cortisol levels rose when they were holding the baby in her arms (that is, they started stronger nervous), became more caring parents. The scientists also noted that fathers with lower testosterone levels on the 2nd day after birth was stronger involved in the process of caring for him later. This is because the lower the level of this hormone makes men more sensitive and tied to the baby.

What others say studies

Experts from different countries did a lot of research about which men make the best fathers and how they influence future offspring. From the work of scientists we can distinguish the following:

  • The age of the father affects the lifespan of the offspring. So, children born to young fathers, on average, live longer and have less health problems. Although scientists note that the study was conducted on mice. To fully apply the findings to people who need to conduct additional studies.
  • If the expectant dad is taking vitamin D, his children will be taller and stronger than peers at the age of 5 years. Already to 9 years this difference is not so significant.
  • Sons of fathers with criminal records typically have lower cognitive abilitiesthan sons of men without a criminal record.

  • Men who in his youth was not opposed to casual sex, in the future 30 % more likely to abandon their children. And those men who, in adolescence, a better understanding of how the system works birth control in their country, 28% less likely to leave the family.
  • Fathers who make a lot of money, can play a significant role in the upbringing of the child, despite the stereotype that these men usually have no time for the upbringing of offspring. Just their participation can be more in some areas (caring for a small child or mental development) and, on the contrary, be kept to a minimum in the other (entertainment like going to the zoo).
  • Men who have decreased testosterone levels if their baby cries, will be more sensitive and emotional fathersthan those who have hormone levels at this point increases.

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