The teacher wanted to show kids why it is so important to wash your hands, and had a very convincing scientific experiment

Teachers give children the knowledge and sometimes they do it so effectively that the result makes one think of very many. American teacher Dzharali Ennis Metcalf was able to achieve such a reaction by means of a single research project, which was implemented with students of primary school, when began the next flu epidemic. Dzharali decided to show the kids why it is so important to wash hands with soap and water.

We believe that is so representative experiment is to see as many people as possible, so share the results with you.

Dzharali wanted to demonstrate to the children how important it is to observe the rules of hygiene. To do this, the teacher put 5 pieces of bread, cut from one loaf, in packages of raw meat, because they can be tightly closed. Because of the preservatives in the bread experiment took longer than expected for 3-4 weeks. One piece no one has touched three touched all the children in the class in turn. Still have 1 slice.

This bread rubbed all the laptops in the classroom

After completion of the project, the school administration decided to regularly disinfect the computers used by children during class.

The bread that no one touched

It looked like at the end of the experiment control slice, which no one touched. It simply shifted from the package with the rest of the bread in a separate package.

This piece touched with unwashed hands

This — hands washed with soap and water

Before touching the 5th piece, the students treated the hands with an antibacterial agent

Obviously, a worthy substitute for soap Antibacterials can not be considered. You can only use them in extreme cases.

The findings of the experiment did not only adults who began to pay more attention to the cleanliness of gadgets, but and children, who clearly showed why it is important to wash their hands often with soap and water. This precaution is especially important now, when it is easy to get, for example the flu.

Guests can choose to learn how clean their hands following the instructions. We believe that this scientific expertise is carried out even in kindergartens. And what experiment was the most memorable to you during school?


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