The UN invites us to save the Earth before it’s too late. To participate and everyone can, and it’s not as difficult as we think

The expert Council of the UN came to the conclusion that our planet will soon be overpopulated, so it needs a reboot. Hard to believe, but pretty soon people won’t be able to eat whatever you want. The biosphere of the Earth is suffering from our whims, and the problem of transportation smothers almost any city. What to do with overpopulation, do we have to abandon the birth of children? But it is actually not that bad, and the way we have, if we follow simple and reasonable rules. it became known that the UN has developed guidelines that tell you how together we can save the planet. And bonus, you will learn what clean air can be, even in large cities.

We’ll have to change your eating habits

In particular, moderate consumption of such a fashionable product like avocado. Because in order to grow as much of this culture in South America cut down forest. Demand creates supply. According to the Association of exporters of Peru (ADEX), plantations of avocado in this country will increase by 25% by 2021. While avocado consumes a lot of pure water, and land and water, this culture takes away from the more hardy plants, animals and people. Of course, the fruit itself is not to blame, but if the person starts something to praise, everything else fades into the background.

Something similar happened in Chile. Due to the landing of avocado there rivers dry up, and entire cities are left without drinking water. See how looks a fruit plantation in Petorca (region of Valparaiso). River Petorca and La Ligua long dried up, the people in the houses there is no water, but on the entire area planted thousands of hectares of avocado. Local residents believe that uncontrolled cultivation of avocados and other popular fruits have led to drought in their sub-tropical region.

What should I do? The solution is to use seasonal ingredients. A pertinent example is Japan, where people feel a measure. The Japanese eat what is growing at this time of year. Strawberries tend to eat in may and June, and not massively grow in the New year. The basis of the diet of Japanese people are vegetable products of local origin. Complement fish and seafood (1/4 of the diet), then comes the meat (1/10 of the diet).

Food in Japan is not customary to throw away, and because it is prepared in small portions, and instead of fruit juices eat fruits and vegetables. A sensible system of consumption products is that you need to eat food that grows under the hand, not order it from the other end of the world. And this recommendation fits almost all regions, where there is constant winter.

It is necessary to maintain the local biosphere

Zoos, bioparc, aquariums and sometimes even reserves contain exotic animals, but should take care to preserve only those species that live in the local biological environment. When the local animals live in conditions as close to natural, they can be returned to the wild, unlike the guests from the other end of the world, who are accustomed to feeding and care and survive without human help no longer able.

Work according to this principle, the reserves of Australia. Operates a quarantine at the state level: on the mainland it is impossible to bring a species, which is not there. Otherwise it could destroy the existing ecosystem. The most illustrative example is the importation into Australia of rabbits in 1859. Animals have caused serious damage to the local natural environment and continue to do so to this day, every year, destroying crops worth millions of dollars.

Australians believe that all animals should live in their environment, ceasing to entertain people with their presence where they should not be. And the animals you can see on the video. It’s safer. YouTube always has something to show.

Actively use public transport and bicycles

The problem is the abundance of vehicles in major cities to prevent all. UN offers instead of private cars to use only public transport: metro, buses, taxis. It will not hurt as bike and Hiking trips, if a job located close to home. Also allowed the use of car sharing, because it is also public cars. Only in this case it is better to take for travel so you can help people save money on gasoline. And personal transport, according to the UN, should be only for villages and small towns where there are no alternatives to its use.

This method of rational use of transport is found in many large cities. European capital has long closed historic center for personal transport. In many Asian cities, locals ride bikes. And Japan and China even use a personal transport system “day after day”. Driving today the driver or not is determined by the last — even or odd — digit of his license plate.

What can be done to save the planet from the comfort of your couch? UN in this case amounted to “a Guide to saving the world for lazy people”. It is divided into 3 levels of difficulty. Check what are you.

Recommendations 1 level: for the lazy

The simplest way is:

  • Save electricity. For example, by connecting appliances to a power strip, unplug it from the mains when equipment is not in use.

  • Stop using paper receipts and pay bills online.

  • To buy the products of only those companies that use environmentally responsible methods of production and do not harm the environment.

  • To disseminate useful information in social networks, talking about specific examples using hashtag #globalgoals.

Recommendation 2-level supporters

A little harder would do the following:

  • When washing make sure the drum machine is completed.

  • Take a short shower. Taking a bath, you spend a lot more gallons of water than a 5-10 minute shower.

  • Buy goods in stores in the neighborhood. Support local business provides employment and helps to reduce the mileage of trucks.

  • Try to avoid marketing ploys, buying more than I should.

  • The recycling of paper, plastic, glass and aluminum prevents the growth of landfills.

  • Worth buying goods in minimal packaging and use a reusable water bottle and coffee Cup.

  • Go shopping with my bag, refusing plastic bags.

  • Give what you don’t need to a charitable organization, giving a second life to clothes, furniture and books that you use carefully.

Recommendation 3-level to understand

The most difficult, but necessary for the common good of humanity is the struggle for equal rights and educate friends and colleagues.

  • Make sure that your management company uses the technology of energy efficient heating and cooling, and sets the thermostats to a lower temperature in winter and high in summer.

  • Pay attention to the problems of social and gender inequalities throughout the world. So, women earn 10-30% less than men for the same work. Inequality in pay persists in all countries of the world. Speaking in support of equal pay for work of equal value. Are any of your colleagues have access to health services? Know your employment rights.

  • Changes can only be achieved if everyone will analyze and change their everyday behavior.

Bonus: how to clean the air in large cities

Help may arrive from the Autonomous filters-towers from the company Studio-Symbiosis. They use their aerodynamic properties, to draw dirty air. Passing through the sponge-structure, it is purified and enriched with oxygen from the plants on the roof. Each tower in Union with hardy plants able to purify up to 32 million cubic meters of air.

The company also plans to provide each motorist with a removable filter on the roof. Just breaking on city roads, such vehicles will clean the air from harmful impurities. There is in the project and drones-filters, which can operate even indoors.

What a way to save the planet did you find most effective?


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