What products slow down the aging process and how it works

The body of any person is aging. Partially this process is called oxidative stress, in which cells are damaged and over time, these cells become more and more. Scientists from the University of Erlangen — Nuremberg, which is located in Germany, and their colleagues from the US found out which foods help slow the aging process and how it happens.

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What scientists have found

A group of researchers from Germany and the USA found that hydroquinone slows down aging by preventing oxidative processes in cells. Hydroquinone is an organic compound which is used in different ways, but one of the application areas is the production of food. Here hydrochinone used as an antioxidant. That is what helped scientists to make their discovery.

Experts have established that this effect is achieved only with the combination of the hydroquinone with zinc. This helps to create a natural protection of cells from superoxide. Superoxide is a byproduct of respiration cells, which destroys them. And this in turn leads to aging. It is also known that superoxide plays an important role in the development of certain diseases: inflammation, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.).

What foods slow down aging

The study says that most of the hydroquinone is contained in coffee, tea and chocolate. If you want to look young for years to come, these products should be more in your diet, but with one condition: you also need to consume a daily intake of zinc (11 mg for men and 8 mg for women).

This will in the diet include nuts (almonds and walnuts), fish and seafood (oysters, anchovies, carp), cereals and breads (oats, rye, rice), vegetables (potatoes, broccoli). If you want to take vitamins or dietary Supplements with zinc, consult a doctor.

Hydroquinone is also found in wine, but scientists emphasize that in this case, the alcohol completely neutralizes the beneficial effect of the organic compounds, and therefore should not expect that the wine will help to stay longer in good shape. Besides alcohol in General is harmful to human health.

How else can you keep the youth

These recommendations should be adopted to anyone who wants to look better and live longer.

  • Actively train and build muscle mass. After 25 years to pump up the muscles a lot harder, although it is certainly possible. Besides, at this age we begin to lose muscle mass for about 1-3% a year. It seems insignificant only as long as 50 years you don’t realize that the body has become flabby and weak.
  • Meditate more often. Scientists have proven that this practice reduces stress and increases telomerase activity. This enzyme experts believe the key to cell immortality.
  • Engaged in dances. As it turned out, this not only helps to keep the body in tone, but also slows down brain aging.
  • Emphasize your eyes, lips and eyebrows. Scientists came to the conclusion that women who are using cosmetics emphasize those parts of the face, look younger than their years. This recommendation will not help to stop the body aging, but you sure will look better.

You already follow some of these recommendations?


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