Why the fashion industry is still gender inequality

It has at least 4 reasons

Glamour magazine conducted a joint study with the Council of fashion designers of America (CFDA). As a result, the specialists have figured out what causes contribute to the continuing discrimination against women in the field of fashion.

First of all, experts identify a lack of awareness about this issue. So, more than half of the surveyed men said that they do not see gender inequality in the industry.

Also influence on the situation vague success criteria. The vast majority of male workers believe that the criteria for promotion clear and understandable. However, this opinion can only agree with 65% of women.

The situation is aggravated by discriminatory raspredeleniem support. For example, the results of the survey showed that women receive much less tips in the sphere of career and therefore, chuvtsvo less confident.

Finally, women noted the lack of attention of employers to balance between personal life and work. Only 45% of the respondents said they have paid maternity leave, while only 24% said they were offered a flexible work schedule.

On how responds to gender inequalities in the Russian fashion industry, we are told here.


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