Wife and child died in childbirth: the man attacked the doctors in the Karaganda region

In the settlement Botakara Karaganda region husband died during childbirth of a woman and child in a fit of emotion attacked with fists on the anesthesiologist and the head of the district hospital. For what it is now can be fined or imprisoned for 15 days, reports to the CTC.


34-year-old Khadisha Darmenbay recently moved in the last journey. According to preliminary data, the woman could die from contact with amniotic fluid in the circulatory system.

As said the head of the Central hospital of Bukhar-Zhyrau district Sapar of Kazhikarimovna, such violation is not amenable to the power of doctors and when any action leads to death. So while the actions of workers are considered to be true.

Experts note that the period of pregnancy she was completely normal.

It all began during childbirth. The first died a baby. Doctors tried for 6 hours to save the patient, but they failed to do so.


It turned out that the woman went for a checkup, but after that she was sent home, and in the evening a Khadisha had been taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Because family members believe that to blame the doctors.

Raised in the family of 6-year and 8-year-old girl. This could be the third child.

The Department of health checks. Opened an administrative case on the husband who fired the assault against healthcare workers.

Source: CTC


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