Writer Ayan of Kudaikulova about polygamy: Tokarki also cry (video)

The domestic novelist Ayan of Kudaikulova gave a Frank interview to the program “Oibi Life”, in which he expressed his opinion on topical issues of polygamy in Kazakhstan, reports NUR.KZ.

Ayan Of Kudaikulova. Photo: Instagram

Best-selling author based on a real event of Ayan Kudaikulova, popularly known as “antilocality”, I speculate on a favorite in Kazakhstan the topic “polygamy”.

“In my books, I’m not defending women, on the contrary, trying to protect those men who created a second family. I support them, I pity them, he was left out in the cold among the two girls, they both made a fool out of him. Senior wife is cheating on him, saying that his taking a second wife. In fact no woman can take that…

I do not support or condemn tokalon. They are people too. I know a lot of good tokalon, know bad. Crying not only baybishe, tailcam too easy. You should have seen how the cry of tokarki. Their marriage is not official, may not, by law to register the birth of a child.

I even know cases where the husbands would take the children of such women, when the child was not yet forty days old. Took newborn baby from mother who nursed him, I myself personally know these women,” admitted Ayan of Kudaikulova.

The writer is sure, if a man is able mentally and financially to take care of their families, men like it only supports. And not blaming young girls seeking an easy life “tokarki”.

“I don’t blame these girls, on the one hand, they came from the village and just want to live richly, you want to afford expensive fur coats, boots. They don’t understand that it needs a lot of work. Recent toolki run away from me, fear me, they think I’m an enemy of tokalon. If you’re a good girl, baybishe you not a competitor.

You’re young, you create all conditions for a good life. Your name has all the restaurants, your child is learning at Oxford, you drive a Mercedes, you have mountains of gold and diamonds. So you have to be a little more merciful towards baybishe, you need to be wiser, no need to make her cry. After all, she is the person that fate and so punished, why are you crying?” – said the writer.


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