Yandex is testing the app Sloy about fashion and style with augmented reality

Public release of the project scheduled for September

“Yandex” has launched a closed beta testing application Sloy, which allows you to watch and capture video, automatically recognizing the garments on the people in the shot, discuss some elements of style from other users and use virtual accessories and masks. Together with the project employs more than one hundred influencers from the world of fashion and style. From mid-summer team Sloy plans to attract the development of applications and first users in the early access.

“We are quietly entering into a world of augmented reality where you can create new, — said the head of Sloy Daniel Trabun. — In the next five years we will have a new layer of communication. Around objects and people literally will fly conversations. And the content will be virtual things from the bright animated make-up to digital dragons. Sloy is a small step to a world where we will be a new way to Express themselves”.

Sloy interface consists of a reference video tape, scan mode, which automatically recognizes items of clothing in the video, tape subscriptions, camera and user profile. When you click on the video in the tape every thing there is a new “layer” — more info, videos with similar images and the opportunity to participate in discussions, are not tied to video, and to individual elements of clothing and style represented in it.

To be among the first users who will have access to an iOS version of the app, you can leave your contact details here. Public release of the service planned in September.

Recall the recent “Yandex” introduced the album “Superhuman music”, which included works written in collaboration with the neural network. Who took part in the work on the release, we described here.






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