“You lost me”: Nurmagomedov has threatened to leave the UFC

Nurmagomedov on the background of the scandal because of his jump outside the octagon turned to the UFC, reports NUR.KZ.

His statement the Russian athlete has done on the page in social network Instagram.

Habib expressed his indignation about the inaction of the leadership of the UFC, when the team Conor attacked the bus in which in addition to the Nurmagomedov were other fighters.

Russian athlete recalled that the attack injured several people. He noted that at the time aggressive actions McGregor could cause great harm to the health of the fighters.

Nurmagomedova it is unclear why the UFC is trying to punish only his side, because McGregor and his men took part in the brawl after the match.

“If you (the UFC) will say that I started it, I don’t agree, I finished them,” said Habib.

According to the athlete from Russia, the UFC has decided to punish all attackers Conor and his team. In the end, sports organization fired the fighter Subaru Tuhugov, which is supported by Habib during a fight.

This news did not like Nurmagomedov. Habib has warned the UFC that in the case of the dismissal of his brother, he will cease cooperation with them. He also stressed that he did not need monetary reward for the fight with McGregor.

My fee is that you do not give, you can keep it, just keep it in your throat is not stuck, we defended his honor and most importantly, for the Brothers we go to the end“, he concluded.


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