The British fashion Council will celebrate the work of Kaia Gerber and Hari NEF in the industry

At the annual ceremony Fashion Awards In mid-October, the British fashion Council (BFC) has announced a new award Fashion Awards, which will celebrate young talents industry — New Wave Creatives. It will present 100 designers, makeup artists, hairdressers, photographers, models, influencers, stylists and other professionals who are just starting their career. After the first twenty […]

What products slow down the aging process and how it works

The body of any person is aging. Partially this process is called oxidative stress, in which cells are damaged and over time, these cells become more and more. Scientists from the University of Erlangen — Nuremberg, which is located in Germany, and their colleagues from the US found out which foods help slow the aging […]

Prada opens a pop-up corner at Tsvetnoy

With glasses from the new collections of the brand On the fourth floor of Moscow’s Tsvetnoy Department store on 10 November, will open a pop-up from Prada. It will be presented autumn-winter collection points of the Italian brand, as well as capsule Ultravox. It included narrow sunglasses in the style of the characters of the […]

We learned which genes are passed to children from dad and some from mom

If you hear a statement like “You’re / all in the mother”, then you know that this is a false statement. In fact, we (especially women) are more like their fathers, not mothers. In addition, there is an assumption that the lifestyle of the father before conception of the child, nutrition and health, lay the […]

Jeff Goldblum launched her own line of merchandise

Black and white t-shirts highlighting the musical creativity of the actor American actor Jeff Goldblum, known for his roles in “Jurassic Park” and “the Fly” by David Cronenberg, launched her own line of merchandise. While it consists of only two shirts in black and white with prints on the chest and back. “Supervisorname from what […]