Cardiologists told how the cores can extend their life

The survivors of heart attacks, ischemia or stroke, for maximum prolongation of life should make at least the minimum of movement every twenty minutes. This was stated by the scientists, speaking at the Congress of the Canadian cardiovascular society in Toronto. Photo: Depositphotos / stevanovicigor “Our study shows that the cores should get up every […]

Cheryshev was injured

Photo: POWER TV Russian Valencia midfielder Denis Cheryshev is injured during a match of the ninth round of the championship of Spain with “Getafe”. This was reported in the Twitter account of the club. The player has stepped into the starting lineup, but was replaced on the 15-th minute: he suddenly sat down on the […]

Cords secretly married in St. Petersburg

The leader of the rock group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov secretly married for the fourth time in one of the Petersburg registry offices. The beloved musician was a 27-year-old socialite from Yekaterinburg, the poetess Olga Abramova. Reports about it “” citing a source close to the singer. Photo: According to the interlocutor of the portal, […]

Arrested in multimillion-dollar earnings Kokorin and Mamaev questioned

General Director of the Russian trade Union of football players (OPSF) Alexander Zotov expressed the opinion that “Zenith” and “Krasnodar” may not to pay salaries to imprisoned Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev. It is reported portal Sport24. “”Krasnodar” and “Zenith” can not pay Kokorin and Mamaev for the time that the players are in jail. […]

How to succeed in the fashion industry without education

Advice from graduates of Central Saint Martins Did you really need an education in the fashion industry in 2018? On the one hand, a degree from a recognized University gives you a better chance when applying for a job. However, there are many cases which prove that to find a good job in the fashion […]

The relative turned out to be a torturer hospitalized baby in Karaganda

Tormentor four girls that did the beating to the children’s clinical hospital of Karaganda region, was a relative of the correspondent NUR.KZ. Illustrative photo: “We received information that the child was tortured relative. The boy’s mother left the child and went off somewhere, and a male relative began to hurt the child,” he told […]

9 common habits, which you should refuse, to preserve the health of the thyroid gland

The thyroid, in spite of its tiny size, controls almost all body processes including metabolism. When her work comes crashing, it may produce hormones in excess or, conversely, will not be enough. In both cases, this leads to unpleasant consequences: drastic weight fluctuations, unstable mood, skin problems and not only. We worried about your […]

Kokorin received the first transmission from home

Forward “Zenith” Alexander Kokorin received the first transfer in the jail where he is charged with beating. About it reports RBC. “I was yesterday at the exhibition, he received a transfer from relatives. He was hard, of course. Still repents, worries about his wife, children”, — said the Executive Secretary of the Public oversight Commission […]

Facebook hired a new strategist. A former Deputy Prime Minister of Britain Nick Clegg

Former Deputy Prime Minister and former leader of the British liberal democratic party sir Nick Clegg will lead the global strategy of the company Facebook. Photo: PA His appointment, which first told the Financial Times newspaper, according to the British press, took place after several months of trying Mark Zuckerberg to entice Clegg in his […]

A test that will tell you that between you-true love or an empty fad

A group of scientists from the United States, headed by Sandra Langeslag, I’m sure that true love involves 2 components: passion and affection. At the same time in different pairs is dominated by one of them. And determine which is closer to you and how your relationship serious, you can use the 20 short questions. […]