11 famous people who had enough ingenuity to get out of an awkward situation

Caught in the unpleasant situation many of us are lost, don’t know how to act and what to say. Time passes, we lose event in mind and, of course, find the right solution. But what if you famous person, and any delay could cost you your reputation or even career? At the end of the article you will find the story on the verge about a resourceful heroine who, thanks to the composure and wit masterfully got out of a very awkward situation.

AdMe.ru found for you 13 funny incidents from the life of famous people, whose motto is: “In any unclear situation play wit!”

Alexander “Identical” Pushkin

Being a student of Aleksandr Pushkin and his friend Wilhelm Kuchelbecker escaped from the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum to see Petersburg. According to the rules of the school, AWOL was strictly prohibited. But the poets did not write the law, and the students still had left. In pursuit of the fugitives went to tutor Ivan Tights, which had forbidden the young men to leave the Lyceum.

Drove up to the checkpoint Petersburg, Pushkin had guard police: “The Alexander”. The guard recorded the boy and missed him. Next came the writer and called Basil, Dako. The policeman shook my head in disbelief, but allowed to pass. Finally got back to tutor Tights. Here at the sentry ran out of patience, and he detained the tutor on the day for identification.

The man in the sky

In July 1961, Yuri Gagarin came to England, where he met with Queen Elizabeth. The Queen was simply enchanted by the young astronaut. After dinner, Elizabeth wanted to be photographed with Gagarin. However, the internal order of security, the Queen was forbidden to be photographed with ordinary people, only with equal status or other noble lords.

“He’s a simple man, and we have clear rules,” warned Elizabeth. What the Queen said, “having flown into space, Gagarin became the heavenly man. And earthly rules do not apply to him”.

Trim cannot be extended

The cartoon “plasticine crow” was nearly ready when the Director Alexander Tatarsky noticed with horror that the song doesn’t fit the timing. The song was longer than the cartoon by as much as 3 minutes.

The problem was resolved when the Tatar overheard in the Assembly engineers restored a gramophone record with the speech of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. They then accelerated, then slowed the speed of sound. Came out pretty funny. Tatarsky suddenly had an idea. The Director decided to speed up the song, making “plasticine crow” sounded cartoonish.

Breakfast by guy de Maupassant

Guy de Maupassant has always said that the Eiffel tower spoils the view of Paris. The author repeatedly signed petitions about the demolition of iron structures. One Parisian journalist caught de Maupassant right at the tower restaurant for lunch. He asked with a grin: “Why are you here? You changed your opinion?”

What the writer said calmly: “Here is the only place where can not see this ugly design”.

Run, the Beatles, run

In November 1963, the Beatles gave a concert at the Hippodrome theatre in Birmingham. Sold out was crazy. To see the legendary group came an incredible number of fans. The police barely cope with the excited crowd.

After the concert, the situation worsened: a frenzied crowd of fans surrounded the tour bus and gathered at the door, guarding the group. For the Beatles to leave the walls of the theater was simply dangerous. To hide from fans, resourceful “the Beatles” resorted to the trick of disguise. They donned police helmets and managed to get unnoticed, but still managed to have some fun in the photo along with the police.

Etiquette is a personal matter

Napoleon invited the Pope Pius VII at his coronation in Notre Dame Cathedral. When dad arrived at the ceremony, Napoleon was supposed to kiss his hands publicly as a sign of respect and reverence, but the future Emperor considered it a humiliation. Especially after he made numerous attempts to weaken the influence of the papacy on the Empire.

When Pius VII came to the celebration, Napoleon met him in the carriage. The future Emperor, invited the Pope to his crew and behind closed curtains, kissed the hands of Pius VII.

Liana de Pui vs. Caroline Otero

Dancer Liana de Pui and its main rival Carolina, Otero invited to a formal dinner in the same restaurant. Liana didn’t like Caroline because of her rapid popularity and wealth. In a tacit struggle between dancers Paris watched for a long time.

Suddenly de Pui matured cunning plan to defeat the opponent. Liana decides to wrap the main weakness of Carolina jewels and luxurious clothes against her same. De Pui is dressed in a simple dress without ornaments, but takes with him a servant, razdetoy just like Otero. When Liana entered the room with his companion, the room flashed a chuckle, only Otero wasn’t fun.

A generous tip from Einstein

Albert Einstein was in the room at the Imperial Hotel Tokyo when he knocked on the door, the courier. A messenger delivered correspondence. Einstein wanted to thank the guy, but not found in the pocket of bills of the appropriate denomination. Then the scientist pulled out from a notebook two sheets, and each made a note in German. Then handed them to the courier with the words: “Take these notes, after some time, they will be much more valuable than usual tip”.

What was in those notes? Simple secrets of happiness. The first note reads: “Quiet and humble life bring more happiness than the pursuit of success and the constant anxiety which accompanies it”. The second said: “Where there’s a will there’s a way”. Decades later, notes were auctioned the nephew of the courier and sold for $ 1.5 million.

Like Michelangelo left David’s with the nose

In 1502 the official from Florence Piero Soderini ordered from Michelangelo’s sculpture of David. After another visit to the workshop of the great sculptor Soderini did not like the look of the face of the statue, and he gave orders to make the nose narrower and shorter than. Michelangelo did not consider it necessary to fix anything, as it was clearly understood that this is just an empty fad Soderini.

When the customer came to approve the sculpture, Michelangelo climbed into the forest, taking a scraper and a handful of marble chips. He did look like hard, but he didn’t even touch the statue, and just sprinkled the crumbs on the floor, simulating the creative process. When the sculptor showed Soderini result, he exclaimed: “Now much better!”

How much is the air today?

Russian academician Alexander von Humboldt investigated the nature of gas, along with another scientist, Joseph Gay-Lussac in Paris. For the experiments, the researchers ordered the tubes from Germany. Along the way, it turned out that the tubes are subject to tax, which scientists do not have enough money. But they have enough ingenuity to come up with a plan that allowed us to avoid unnecessary spending.

Scientists were asked to clogging of the tube and hang on to them a label with the inscription: “Caution! The German air.” For greater credibility they wished to make an explanatory note, which stated the area where the scientists took air. When the parcel arrived at the border, French customs officers threw up their hands, because the duty on the air does not exist. So scientists have received the necessary material and decently saved.

And his hands do you remember?

Alexander Hand recalls how the great Italian actor Tommaso Salvini managed brilliantly to avoid public shame. We are talking about a theatre production in which I played the role of Othello. During the performance, the actor was horrified to notice that I forgot to paint the hands black. The audience also drew attention to the mistake of the actor.

Required immediately to think of something. During intermission I repainted the hands of the right color and wearing long white gloves. When the actor came on the scene, he pointedly removed his gloves and threw them on the floor. It looked like you thought that way. Bravo, Salvini!

Winston Churchill vs. George Bernard Shaw

Nobody still doesn’t know happened is this story real or is another bike based on the life of the inimitable Winston Churchill. In any case, before us is a perfect example of a resourceful response.

In 1949 Bernard Shaw invited Winston Churchill to the premiere of “Billions of Bianca”.

George Bernard Shaw: “I’ve reserved you two tickets to my opening night performance. Come and grab some of your friends if you have them”.

To which Churchill replied, “the Prime Minister can not come, will come to the next performance, if it takes place”.

Coaching for Marilyn Monroe

Once Marilyn Monroe telephoned Jackie Kennedy to the White house and spoke about their iron intention to become the first lady of the United States, and as soon as possible. Kennedy gathered all my anger into a fist and found the answer cheeky Monroe: “well, grab a pen and write that down.”

Jacqueline has listed an impressive list of important events for the coming week and then asked Monroe: “You know Spanish and French?” “No,” replied the actress. — “Spanish paintings of the Renaissance?” “No.” — “Want to be first lady, learn languages and history by Monday”. “Why?” — asked distractedly Monroe. — “And ask this question in person, Kennedy.” On the other end was quiet, and Jacqueline hung up the phone.

And who are the heroes of this article deserves a round of applause for the brilliant wit? Or maybe in your life happens disastrous situation from which you managed to come out the winner? Share with us in comments.


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