12 habits that we used to be considered harmless. But in vain

Everyone knows that late or overeating is harmful. But sometimes a health hazard you can imagine even our seemingly harmless habit. You know that if you sneeze, holding his nose, you can get into the hospital? Or that chewing gum can not only deprive you of fillings, but make it more diffuse?

AdMe.ru gathered a small list of habits that are cleverly disguised as harmless, but in fact hurting us.

1. Sneeze “myself”

Affected: respiratory system, blood vessels of the head, the brain. At unsuccessful coincidence of circumstances — the esophagus.

The main function of sneezing is to get rid of bacteria, viruses and dust particles. When you keep it, the bacteria remain in place. But it is bad. Imagine what would happen if you tried to shoot, tucked into the barrel. The same happens within the throat — the whole force of the “strike” goes back and can damage, for example, hearing, increase intracranial pressure or damage the esophagus (if you ate).

2. Use toothpicks

Suffer: gums.

Dentists do not approve of a toothpick. They are relatively harmless to the enamel, but the gums are suffering greatly. Yes, and efficiently clean interdental spaces floss is virtually impossible. To oral hygiene after eating much safer dental floss (when used correctly).

3. To sleep face in the pillow

Suffer: breathing, circulation, spine, skin.

To sleep, buried in the pillow comfortable, but harmful. In this position shortness of breath, neck is in an unnatural and stressed position, affecting blood circulation and the cervical vertebrae. Besides, physicians warn that formed in this temporary sleep lines on my face will soon become permanent.

4. To crack sunflower seeds with his teeth

Suffer: teeth, gall bladder.

Sunflower seeds are tasty and healthy. But they should be cleaned with hands, and in any case no teeth. Dentists always know seasoned “rodent” typical indent. Also the seeds are contraindicated for people with gallbladder problems and their calorie content is more than 500 kcal per 100 grams (a small Cup).

5. Biting any hard objects

Suffer: teeth, gums and oral mucosa.

Even severely affected the tooth enamel fans to nibble on in thought paper clips, pens, pencils and other hard objects. For this reason it is not teeth to open bottles, crack nuts, ice cubes and lollipops. Plus, you can get the sores or pick up E. coli.

6. To delay going to the toilet

Incidence: kidney, urinary system, intestines.

In June 2018 young gamer from the UK went to hospital after 8 hours of play never once was distracted by a trip to the toilet. His bowel and bladder was so swollen that even suggested cancer. Doctors agree: you do, because this no longer work correctly compressing the muscles, increased risks of urinary infections and constipation.

7. Wash your head with hot water

Suffer: blood vessels of the brain, the scalp.

If you like to wash under a very hot shower, it’s time to abandon this habit. First, it can cause severe headaches and dizziness. Second, under hot water, the sebaceous glands in the scalp start to work at strong pace, and the hair quickly become dirty.

8. To touch the face and avoid rubbing the eyes

Affected: skin, eyes.

Rash, acne, herpes — here are the possible outcomes of contact with microorganisms from the hands to the face. If you RUB your eyes, have a chance to get conjunctivitis — a very unpleasant infectious disease, occurring with inflammation, tearing, burning and photophobia.

9. Too often chew gum

Suffer: stomach, teeth, short-term memory.

There are several consequences of the abuse of chewing gum:

  • The process of chewing stimulates increased secretion of gastric juice. Therefore, gum should not be consumed before meals: it can trigger the development of gastritis or even gastric ulcers.
  • Chewing gum is bad for teeth as well as crowns and bridges. Because of the increased salivation “corroded” fillings, and due to the intense movements of the jaw are injured chewing surface.
  • Chewing gum affects memory. Its use improves memory, helps you focus on tasks that require continuous monitoring. However, short-term memory it is, on the contrary, worsens, making you more distracted.

10. To read lying down

Suffer: eyes, spine, skin on the neck.

When reading in bed you need to follow the rules:

  • Do not hold the book too close to eyes (less than 25 cm).
  • Not to stoop and not to overextend the neck.
  • It is not necessary to read on the side — the distance from the book to the eyes will be different and they will have more strain.
  • Not to read on the stomach will damage the spine.

As you can see, follow all the rules difficult. In addition, most of these poses promote the appearance of deep horizontal wrinkles on the neck.

11. Lick minor wounds and blow on them

Suffering: the process of regeneration.

What you want to do first when you cut your finger? Blow on it or put it in your mouth? Scientists from Harvard University have counted more than 600 species of microbes living in a person’s mouth. Among these bacteria, there are always different staphylococci and streptococci. Coagulated blood on the wound — the perfect environment for their reproduction. Treat the wound with special means, otherwise the cut will heal longer and harder.

12. Whisper

Suffer: vocal cords, larynx.

The research scientist and former vocalist Robert Sataloff showed that the majority of people squeezing and straining the vocal cords when whispering. This increases the risk of micro-traumas of the larynx. This is especially dangerous for those who have a lot to say, and also for those suffering from laryngitis.

But with some bad habits that undermine health, fight you?


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