20 pictures, which had seen only radiologists. Now can you

124 years ago, Wilhelm Roentgen accidentally discovered x-rays, which, among other things, helped “enlighten” the human body through. Since then, off we go: scientists have invented a scanner and was able to open many secrets of our body.

AdMe.ru never ceases to marvel at the complexity of the human organism. We have reviewed thousands of MRI and CT images to find exciting and surprise you, too.

1. The girl picked up on x-rays favorite toy. Now you know what it looks like Peppa Pig in the x-ray radiation

2. CT scan of the lungs of a smoker

The patient suffers from emphysema — lung disease in which is disrupted the flow of oxygen in the body.

3. X-ray of the patient with piercings

4. Computed tomography of the gymnast performing the exercise

5. It looks like the beating of the human heart

6. Silicone breast in the MRI machine

7. The blood vessels of the brain, taken using a powerful MRI scanner at 7 Tesla

And in China, have already developed medical tomography with magnetic induction value 14 Tesla, which can see the mind. A device with such a magnet responsive to e-field neurons of the brain. However, it is not yet approved for use in humans.

8. The x-ray hand: left — normal shot, the right hand watered with iodine

In radiology substances containing iodine are used as contrast.

9. MRI of a woman who is pregnant with twins

10. Kiss under the x-rays

11. This changes the hand of the child with age

Some of the bones are the first cartilage, which is later replaced by bone tissue.

12. How does the human body at different scanning techniques

13. That’s why we can not allow children to play with small objects

14. A PET scan of a person with b-cell lymphoma. On the left is the result before chemotherapy, right — after

15. The patient came for x-rays with fake nails

16. So changing the brain for life. The man on the right, Alzheimer’s disease, which causes atrophy of the brain

17. Computed angiography of the human heart, which is enmeshed in a network of blood vessels

18. Birth in an MRI machine

19. Fluoroscopy movement of the jaws

20. Stop x-rays of a patient with polydactyly

Polydactyly — an anatomical variance, in which a person is born with more than 5 fingers on a limb.

Bonus: an MRI scan of broccoli looks like fireworks

Let’s face it: the beauty of the human body just fascinated us. How do you feel about medical images: fear them or want to examine in detail?


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