6 changes of the person who will predict better than any app, as we are going to look like in 10 years

Many women come into the fight with wrinkles after age 40, when signs of aging become visible. We are also trying to care for the skin, but do not always pay due attention to its individual features.

We AdMe.ru studied the question and chose the most common signs that can predict who you will see in the mirror in ten years. The good news is that they can be addressed.

Painting bags

Paint bags (Sufa) is gryzenia education under the eyes and in the cheeks. They are easy to confuse with swelling, but, unlike the swelling, they don’t. To distinguish swelling from painting bags, you can do 2 selfie: at one glance, rushed up, the other down. Compare the pictures: when you look up, the bag is pushed forward and becomes more visible.

The cause of this trouble is a chronic swelling. Under the eyes of each person there are fat bags that support the ligaments and eye muscles. From the constant swelling this area is heavier, the ligaments are stretched, and bags slide. At risk also short-sighted and people with a genetic predisposition.

No amount of creams and patches, unfortunately, do not act on the muscles and ligaments, they can only improve skin condition, but does not solve the problem. A certain effect can have a microcurrent and lymphatic drainage massage, but today’s popular hyaluronic acid injections can make things worse because this substance attracts moisture and can increase swelling.

What to do? In the first place to prevent the occurrence of edema, which arise due to improper nutrition, stress, lack of sleep. Visit a gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, a beautician. Follow sleep, eat more fish and vegetables. In addition, to strengthen the ligaments and muscles of the face using facial gymnastics.

Purse-string wrinkles

Purse-string wrinkles got the name from the name of the muscles located around the mouth. As well as the lace tightens the top handbags of the pouch, the muscle tightens the skin around the lips, forming wrinkles.

In the case of the education purse-string wrinkles muscles to suffer from 2 factors: age of the displacement of the upper jaw (Yes, unfortunately, she pushed forward with age) and other hypertonicity of the facial muscles that are intertwined with it. If you notice a purse-string wrinkles at a young age, it is an occasion to think about their health.

If after menopause the deterioration of bone is inevitable, it is at a young age it can indicate problems with metabolism and the lack of calcium in the body. It may be worthwhile to consult a doctor and be tested.

With regard to the condition of the muscles, it is effective here not the facial exercises, but rather exercises for relaxation and lymphatic drainage massage.

Wrinkles puppets

Puppet wrinkles are furrows which go from the corners of the mouth down (as puppets, of which the lower jaw is separated from the face). The main reasons for their occurrence ahead of time — rapid weight loss, hormonal imbalance, Smoking and excessive tanning. All of this causes dehydration and sagging tissues.

To start is to determine the cause. If the problem is medical in nature, it is necessary to pay attention to the skin — primarily to care for the skin around the mouth. This area is not less sensitive than the skin around the eyes, but often we’re shorting her attention. Use of cosmetics with active moisturizing ingredients (hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, Shea butter).

Also, don’t forget to use a moisturizing mask and sunscreen. Facial exercises can also be effective, especially if the cause of these wrinkles — weight-loss.

Nasolabial folds

Nasolabial folds appear to be natural reasons: we all smile. They are often already noticeable at a fairly young age — 25-30 years. Hollywood actress Blake lively was not yet 20 years old when nasolabial wrinkles made themselves known. Over the years, these creases become deeper and issue age.

A common method of dealing with nosogubnye folds Botox is blocking the work of the facial muscles. That didn’t come to that, make regular self-massage of the face.

Heavy eyelid

Heavy eyelid, unfortunately, is often transmitted to us by inheritance, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Girls adjust this feature with makeup, but with age the lid is lowered and the disguise is ineffective. Therefore, it is better to try to delay this attack.

Delicate skin of the eyelids do not irritate the aggressive means for removing makeup — choose two-phase fluid with oils. Don’t forget to use the special gel or cream for the skin around the eyes, but be careful — it cannot be applied on the mobile eyelid. To avoid confusion, just touch the eyelid with your fingers. Where there is no sense of bone, the cream should not be.

The fuzzy oval of the face

The culprit is the fuzzy oval of the face — excess subcutaneous fat. Its causes are several. It may be excess weight, and genetic predisposition. The problem may be compounded by the swelling of tissues. With hard face will slide down, and a small chin may become more noticeable.

If you notice that the face swells often, it is necessary to check the status of the cardiovascular system, thyroid and kidneys. If the reason for the appearance of chubby cheeks and double chin — excess weight, then perhaps it makes sense to think about losing weight. With regard to hereditary predisposition, so here it is hopeless.

Girls who notice appearing double chin, you should not sleep on high pillows. It is best to choose an orthopedic product, repeating the relief of the head and neck. Don’t sit with my head down, buried in a smartphone, try to straighten the neck, not to slouch and not to walk with her head down.

When applying the cream or oil on the face, do massage with two hands on a “chin — corners of mouth — cheeks — whiskey.” You can also smooth out wrinkles on the neck from the bottom up, no pressure on the thyroid glands.

How do you cope with the first signs of aging?


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