9 people were fined 2.9 million tenge for candy and “Rahmati” tax

The boxes with sweets and money “Rahmati” in gratitude to the staff of the state revenue YTD attracted to the penalties of 9 people. The total amount for all taxpayers was 2.9 million KZT, the BNews.kz with reference to the HC of MF of the RK.

Illustrative photo from rdt-osg.com

As noted in the Department, despite the ongoing measures to address the so-called household corruption, when the amount of “gift” does not exceed 4 810 tenge, all such facts are periodically detected.

Only this year has not admitted 12 cases of such appearances, of which 3 people wanted to present a box of chocolates, and the other 9 to give the employee state revenue 500-3000 tenge.

9 donors fined 2.9 million tenge. 3 material sent to the court.

The Committee gave examples of corrupt actions on the part of Kazakhstan.

One of the facts occurred in Almaty, the state revenue Department in Alatau district.

The “client” received a certificate of presence/absence of arrears of tax on the vehicle wanted to give a specialist Ukrainian candy Roshen, which cost about 1300 tenge.

The material for this case was referred to the administrative court.

Another case took place in Temirtau. There individual entrepreneur for 1000 tenge, whom he wished to thank the staff of the office, was fined 240 500 tenge.

SRC reminded of the responsibility for the “gifts” of civil servants.


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