Bally has released a collaboration with rapper Swizz Beatz and artist Shok-1

T-shirts, sweatshirts, and sneakers with “x-rays” hands and flies

Swiss brand Bally has unveiled a second collaboration with hip hop producer, rapper and winner of the award “Grammy” Swizz Beatz. Over it also worked as a street artist and a graduate in applied chemistry Shok-1, known as the author of graffiti, a stylized x-rays.

The collection includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, jackets, bags, shoes and accessories. As prints they were used the three most famous work, Shok-1, with images of hands, flies and game character Pac-Man, the x-ray-graffiti with whom the artist called a “Consumer”. In the words of Shok-1, he wanted “the message of the collection appealed to the established traditions of subcultures, drawing on his side of the brands, initially with other values.”

“I am deeply convinced: quality performance and perfectionist approach — universal pillars that underpin every famous brand. They are able to erase all class and cultural boundaries. Bally, which I remember, is a Tomboy that has a fantastically close relationship with subculture. It is also a brand that boasts the same meticulous attitude to detail and the value of products with which I approach my own creations, so my interaction with Bally was absolutely perfect,” said the artist.

The exclusive collection will be in retail stores, Bally around the world and on the website of the brand in October.



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