BoF called the secrets of successful fashion collaborations in 2020

Advice from industry insiders

Almost every day there are announcements and releases in collaborative fashion projects. Cooperate together brands different weight, price range, and with completely different audience. According to experts, this marketing approach is popular because it is low-cost and visible, innovative. The publication the Business of Fashion has put together some recommendations on how to make their collaboration a truly successful and relevant in 2020, when all kolebatsya with everyone.

Find the right partner

According to industry experts, good collaboration is similar to the happy couple – both partners are sincerely willing to invest in each other and live together. Buyer can easily feel the catch, if brands are making the capsule for capsules, not shared values.

Discover the benefits in new ways

If the collaboration involves nonequilibrium participants, less is known of them often sees a joint project solely as a way to make extra PR. It used to be, experts say, but not now. Today, big brands really need little known, but interesting partners, as they need to develop storytelling.

Don’t lose your key audience

The goal of any collaboration is to broaden its audience, it is not necessary to forget about own is already tied to you customers. In the era of social networks presentation of information about a new product plays an even more important role and has many nuances. For example, a joint project of different brands can share different material that is appropriate for their client base.

Go beyond merchandise

Virgil of Able may have predicted the death of strimmer, but in reality most of the wardrobe consists of t-shirts, jeans, sneakers and sweatshirts. However, the demand for basic products with logos begins to decline. Prada and adidas collaboration in social networks was criticized for a too simple design from the classic model of sneakers look different only the logo of the Italian brand.

Create valuable things

Buyer looking for products in terms of quality and durability, so things from collaborations should be really valuable. The value is evident not only in execution, but the message, relevance of the product in the future.

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