H&M has released the jacket hugs in the distance

Loved ones can “hug” the owner of this coat, going into the application

Tech a division of H&M in Berlin H&M Lab presented the jacket to embrace in the distance. The development of Wearable Love made for those who feel the lack of tactile sensations in conditions of forced isolation, pandemic coronavirus.

In the jacket of denim embedded sensors that create a sense of embrace. Each jacket has a unique code that they can share with a loved one, and then it can activate the sensors using a special application and Bluetooth technology.

It is noted that users of a jacket can create different patterns of touches, to make it clear who exactly you hugs.

The developers have released videotizer novelties, demonstrating the possible use of the jacket. When the novelty will go on sale, is still unknown.

Earlier, Swiss scientists have come up with antivirus jeans that kill pathogens coronavirus.






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