Kazakhstani 8 hours saved from the wrecked truck near Novosibirsk (photo)

The driver from Kazakhstan, was driving the truck, in which lay a bow, got in an accident in the Novosibirsk region, reports Nsknews.

The scene. Photo: vk.com/assnso

Road the incident occurred on Monday on a highway “Baikal cruise”.

On the ice-covered road, the driver of the truck lost control, causing the car overturned on its side and the trailer has been covered cabin.

Citizen, who was driving the vehicle, was pulled from the car by passing truckers. But the second person who was in the cabin, they failed to pull out, and they couldn’t get.

Arrived at the place of incident rescuers began to pull out the passenger with his own hands, so as to use special equipment such as a crane, it was dangerous for the victim.

They saved the passenger for 8 hours. Truckers supported blocked citizen, giving him through a small window drinks and hiding his clothes.

Fortunately, rescuers were able to pull the passenger, who was later taken to a medical facility.


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