Tsarnaev brothers made bombs for the Boston bombing

One of the terrorists, whose fault killed three people during a marathon in Boston in 2013, told agents of the Bureau that the bombs he made himself, along with his brother, reports “Radio Azattyk” with reference to CNBCNews.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Photo: podrobnosti.ua

Some documents that reveal new details of the Boston bombing, first published by the Federal Bureau.

So, according to new data, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev had assembled the explosive devices in the apartment in Massachusetts. This was stated by the accused during an interrogation immediately after the arrest.

His elder brother Tamerlan died in a shootout with police, and the Dzhokhar managed to escape with bullet wounds to the face and jaw. However, soon the police have surrounded it and detained.

Because of injuries Dzhokhar could not speak, so during the interrogation, wrote notes describing the preparation of the attack.

It is noted that the drawings for the bombs also came up the brothers Tsarnaev. Thus poured the light into previously unlit questions about whether there was another accomplice, who handed over explosive devices brothers.

Agents of the Department admitted that they found no traces of explosives during a search of the apartment. Was dismantled even plumbing, but found nothing there.

The preparation of the terrorist attack Dzhokhar and Tamerlan took several weeks, during which they dissected different fireworks, extracting the powder.

After completion of the training, Tsarnaev have begun to choose a suitable place for explosions.

In the end the choice fell on the marathon in Boston last April 15, 2013.

Then three people died, 260 were wounded. The attack is called the bloody aftermath of 11 September 2001.


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