Volkov appealed to the authorities of Belarus after the arrest of MMA fighter on the protests

Alexei Kudin and Alexander Wolcott: @volkov_alex

Russian UFC fighter Alexander Volkov in Instagram appealed to the authorities of Belarus after the arrest of the fighter of the mixed style (MMA) Alexei Kudin during protests in the country.

Volkov asked not to prosecute 35-year-old athlete. “I want to support Alexey Kudin, who has repeatedly raised the flag of their country on the international stage!” — he wrote.

Kudin on the detention it became known on August 12. According to Slt Fight News Belarus, Kudin is in prison. They took him because he broke the jaw of a policeman.

Protests continue in Belarus from 9 August. Citizens speak against the official results of the presidential elections, according to which incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko gained more than 80 percent of the vote. Authorities dispersed protesters using rubber bullets, batons, water cannons, tear gas, stun grenades. Against security forces used fireworks, paving stones, Molotov cocktails. Lukashenko believes that the opposition plans to organize a revolution. Just three nights of the protests were detained about six thousand people. Detention center in Minsk are overcrowded.

On account Kudin 25 wins and 12 defeats in mixed martial arts, one fight with its participation ended in a draw, and one no result.


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