Walter van Beirendonck accused Virgil of Able plagiarism for Louis Vuitton

Member of the “Antwerp six” found your stuff in the latest men’s collection luxury brand

Designer Walter van Beirendonck said that Virgil, Able copied his designs for menswear collection Louis Vuitton spring-summer 2021. Member of the “Antwerp six” and Professor of the Royal Academy of fine arts pointed to a direct plagiarism of their collections in an interview with the Belgian edition of Weekend Knack.

According to van Beirendonck, copying in fashion is not new, however, it is striking that now it’s happening on such a scale, at such level and with such budgets.

“It is clear that Virgil of Able not a designer, said Walter van Beirendonck. – His own language and vision. He can’t create something of his own several seasons, and it’s sad. As for me, all those years working in fashion I carefully lined up your own language of symbols. And it’s my language. It’s me. And he takes it and copies it. You can interpret things, to recreate them in their own way. But this is just embarrassing”.

Comparing the collection of Walter van Beirendonck and Louis Vuitton, you can see the same glasses, accessories and jackets inflated, and similar characters, hanging on the models.

“Virgil in his repertoire – said van Beirendonck comments for Hypebeast. – He is not just copying, he uses my world, ideas, colors, shapes, cut and characters as the mood Board for his collection”.

As noted by the designer, the work of Virgil, Able well-paid and the post of creative Director of Louis Vuitton in front of him opened many opportunities, so he could have contact with van Beirendonck and to agree on collaboration.

Virgil of Able not the first time accused of copying the works of other designers. Previously, the account @diet_prada said that Virgil has copied an iconic designer chair for his collaboration with IKEA. In turn, Able calls his creations “working with references” and plagiarism is not considered.

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